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an   EVENT full  of  STORIES

A passion for giving back.

I believe there is no better way to spend creativity than to help others create celebrations that are memorable, personalized and extraordinary.

I have always been a FASCINATED KID who could look beyond a 4'x8' canvas to paint. I wanted to paint celebrations, joyful faces, create extravagant  and a dreamy world with a PITAARA (hamper) full of memories. This longing gave birth to an event management company, I collaborated with my talented, hotelier friends duo Rudrakshi-Yogesh Bahal and we started ALCHEMY EVENTS.

Alchemy is based in the Nagpur city (MH,India) . We intend to create a magnum-opus event around any corner of the globe. Alchemy Events has been producing timeless, dreamy weddings and very special corporate and private events since 2019.

In a time where we are increasingly flooded with information and it’s challenging to get a message across, Alchemy Events takes a thoughtful and artistic approach to develop memorable experiences that stir up emotions, conversations, and shareable moments. Our diverse team also includes backgrounds in media, hospitality and marketing. 

Our vivid experiences have laid the foundation for our company’s mission: to make “an EVENT full of stories”

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