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because every space narrates a TALE

and the God is in DETAILS

I always wanted to open up my artistic vision and let the world embrace it. 

My passion for design has always been an organic journey from painting a canvas to painting a place, a home, a space or anything where I could infuse my creativity into.

Tales & Details is a Nagpur (MH, India) based Architecture and Interior Design firm I started during 2018.  T & D leverages on me to design a space that lies in an artful orchestration of scale and texture.

A boutique-sized team of design associates and design technicians focussing on unique hotels, restaurants and residential projects that allows us to explore bespoke design in every aspect of our work

Our projects in T & D are tightly edited and typically shy from predictability, always opting for something more exotic. Consistent throughout our work is a sense of glamour, drawing inspiration from both classical and contemporary references skilfully merged in new and original contexts. .

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