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i try to paint every possible canvas

Stories are the crux of everything I do.

I'm an architect, a set designer, an art director, a writer, a storyteller, a wedding planner, a visual artist, a painter and

a full time dreamer.

My best friend christened me as the ROLLING STONE who will gather no moss and will be lot more that I'm yet to become.

namaste  (hello)

Hailing from a small town of Gondia, I started my journey as a student who was exploring himself through various experiences of knowing, believing and imagining. We all live stories, we all are stories and hence I am searching those stories and exploring myself painting every possible canvas.

Graduated as an Architect, I started working as a set designer with Art Director and Filmmaker Omung Kumar. A long-cherished dream of being a part of the Visual-Storytelling industry landed me to New York Film Academy, Los Angeles where I studied Film making- an absolute Visual Art form.


I have been an Associate Producer and Production Designer in an Indonesian web series '19 Letters' directed and produced by Dinda Unaroma. 

I worked as a Graphic Designer and Art Director in the prestigious US based magazines like 'Vanichi Fashion' and 'Impact Relevance Mag'

As they say ART knows no boundaries and I believe everything artistic is somewhat collaborative. During 2017 I along with my creative friends, we setup our own architecture and interior design firm 'Tales & Details'. In T&D we have been successfully delivering the hospitality and residential projects based in the city of oranges Nagpur.

Alchemy Events is one such venture I proudly cherish and co-own. It  is an event company where we get to design and setup colourful and happy weddings and the other events.

I have been inspired by the literatures of various personalities like Candace Bushnell, Salman Rushdie, Paulo Coelho. Likewise Poetries of Rumi left a deep impact over my works. I also seek inspiration from my travel experiences.

I am Krunal Kawale, I started this website to share my vivid experiences and stories which helped me appreciating this beautiful world creatively and differently. I will be sharing my travel diary  through my blogs.  I will be showcasing my art and understandings via multiple artistic platform that interests me.

'Everything you can IMAGINE is REAL' -Picasso

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Alchemy Events Presents,

the most enchanting melody of the year


love song sung by Bhoomi Trivedi

composed by Atharva Joshi

penned by Geet Sagar

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